Silviax was conceived in 2010 from the spark of an idea – that each piece of jewelry narrates a distinct tale. With innovation as our compass, we empower customers to infuse their essence into customized jewelry for every occasion. Quality and affordability converge, offering a collection that resonates with personal stories. Silviax: Where Your Story Shines.

A Brief Story Of Branding

One day,our chief designer planed to give her wife a nice surprise gift on their anniversary.His wife love jewelry a lot!He struggled to find shops selling unique and non-cookie cutter necklace without successful.Finally he planed to design the necklace only for her wife by himself.He tried to ask the local gold jewelry store to help him make it. But customized style is much expensive than standard style.Why can't jewelry be more affordable? So Silviax was born. He hopes to help everyone customize their unique jewelry at affordable price and memorize every happy moment of life.

Handcrafted Quality

At Silviax, we embrace the art of in-house design and production, led by our exceptional team of experts. This commitment to craftsmanship empowers us with boundless creative freedom, allowing us to craft truly one-of-a-kind pieces.We meticulously handcraft every creation using the finest recycled metals, infusing them with love and a responsible touch.Our journey extends to ethical sourcing. Every precious and semi-precious stone is carefully chosen, reflecting our dedication to responsible beauty and sustainable manufacturing.

For Every Individual, For Every Event

Silviax jewelry is designed to be personalized.Unleash your creativity on our designs. Whether it's a name necklace that mirrors your identity or a family photo for your parents, our collection presents something extraordinary for each unique individual.''Meaningful'' in our jewelry isn't just a trend-it's a timeless legacy. With enduring versatility, an eternal allure, and unwavering craftsmanship, our pieces stand the test of time, resonating through the ages.


Embracing sustainability, Silviax proudly implements a take-back program that repurposes mis-engraved, broken, or unsold jewelry into stunning silver and copper pieces. This practice not only reduces waste but also contributes to the jewelry industry's material recycling. We're delighted to witness our jewelry 'turning waste into treasure,' aligning beauty with environmental consciousness. Through circular fashion, we redefine purpose and environmental well-being in every piece.


Our skilled designers and craftsmen collaborate to breathe life into each piece of jewelry – a heartfelt journey from us to you. With distinctive designs, fine metals, and birthstones, we capture your memories in captivating personalized jewelry that speaks volumes.


Silviax isn't just jewelry; it's a vessel for life's moments. It embodies memories and becomes an enduring symbol. Choose Silviax to personalize your story.

Company Address

Company: Long Way Fashion Jewellery Co, Ltd.(HONG KONG limited company (ltd.))

Address: Rm409 Wan Hang Hse Wan Tau Tong Est Tai Po Nt Hong Kong, HONG KONG 999077


Service Email: [Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm (GMT+8)]