Use this guide to visualize necklace length positions.

The choice of chain holds the key in defining the placement of your name necklace upon your person, so contemplate the suitable length that resonates with your essence. Our collection offers an array of chains ranging from 14" to 22" in length, granting the freedom for your necklace to grace the apex of your collarbone or descend gracefully upon the expanse of your lower chest.


Ultimate Necklace and Chain Size Guide

Discover the significance of choosing the perfect necklace fit for both men and women. Uncover the ideal lengths, styling tips, and more in our ultimate necklace and chain size guide.


14":Choker Length: Perfect for a Close-Fitting Look.

16":Collarbone Length: Classic Fit for Petite Pendants.

18":Collarbone Length: A Popular and Stylish Choice.

20":Just Below Collarbone Length: Perfect for Layering.

22":Below Collarbone Length: Creating Drama and Perfect for Effortless Layering.


Use this guide to visualize ring width

Just as fingers vary in shape and size, so do rings. When shopping online, knowing your ring size is crucial to ensure a perfect fit upon receiving your purchase.

Option 1

To accurately measure your ring size, use a length of string or strip of paper. Gently wrap it around the base of your finger, where you intend to wear the ring. Once it's snug but not too tight, mark the point where the string or paper first overlaps using a pen. This method ensures an exact measurement for your ring size.

Option 2

Take a ruler and measure the length you marked on the string or paper. Then, refer to our Ring Sizing Chart. This straightforward process will allow you to identify your precise ring size, ensuring a flawless and comfortable fit for your ring.


Use this guide to visually understand bracelet width

Bracelets, available in various sizes and styles, make a charming addition to your jewelry collection. Selecting the right size is essential for a comfortable fit. When purchasing bracelets online, having the correct size is crucial. Determining your bracelet size is a straightforward process that you can conveniently do at home using common household items

Option 1

To determine your bracelet size, take a flexible tape measure or a strip of paper and place it just below your wrist bone, where you would normally wear the bracelet. Wrap it around your wrist and mark the point where it overlaps with a pen. This will give you an accurate measurement of your wrist size for a perfect bracelet fit.

Option 2

To find your bracelet size, employ a ruler to measure the length you marked on the strip of paper or tape measure. Afterward, consult our Bracelet Sizing Chart. This simple process will help you identify your precise bracelet size, ensuring a comfortable fit for your jewelry.